A Global Network Of Physicians and Medical Professionals

PeerVoice has exclusive access to a network of global healthcare professionals to whom we distribute our educational activities (in their local languages).

Founded On Strong Faculty Relationships

PeerVoice has faculty relationships with hundreds of in-demand experts. We use the most relevant, qualified presenters to create activities with maximum appeal for their target audience.

Effective Engagement Through Multiple Digital Channels

PeerVoice’s responsive-design technology delivers an effective learning environment on any device — at the workplace, at home, on the move, or at a conference — in the formats and channels clinicians use.

Leading-Edge Disease-Area Expertise

PeerVoice’s medical and editorial teams offer decades of combined experience in a wide range of therapeutic areas, as well as a thorough knowledge of interactive educational techniques. We have launched more than 500 successful activities since our inception.

Independent medical education for a multi-channel world

Today’s healthcare professionals need to stay on top of the latest medical information, but are also challenged to find the time. PeerVoice provides key scientific data and current clinical perspectives in digestible, convenient formats, which practitioners can absorb quickly and retain easily.

A member of the P\S\L Group, PeerVoice draws on more than four decades’ experience developing trusted healthcare information media. Our "right-channel" mix is optimised for how, when, and where clinicians prefer to engage with medical information. As technology advances, we evolve our direct-to-professional audience recruitment strategies to ensure we reach this increasingly busy and sought-after audience as effectively as possible, whether electronically or in-person.

Through our extensive member-based network, our independent medical education activities reach actively practicing clinicians around the world. We thoroughly measure and analyse each educational activity, ensuring that we are improving patient care and identifying knowledge gaps to be bridged with future learning opportunities.


In collaboration with expert faculty, PeerVoice develops compelling medical education content that learners want to engage with. We offer a multitude of content types (meeting coverage, panel discussions, case studies, etc.), as well as format types (online, mobile, live, print, and more) to improve their practice and meet a diverse range of educational needs.


Education cannot improve patient care unless it reaches the most relevant healthcare audience when and how they need it. Using a suite of channels, PeerVoice ensures that the clinicians around the world who receive our educational materials have ample opportunity to review (and interact with) them. Our unique methodology, and community of healthcare professional subscribers who interact with us daily, maximise participation in every activity.


Our teams of on-staff physicians, and clinical scientist medical directors and educators, know that analysing the outcomes of each activity is essential to effective knowledge transfer. PeerVoice has aligned the analysis of each educational activity to recognised standards in the industry, ensuring that every interaction supports better healthcare.

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